Cassia Hall, Fantasy Romance


It is often said that writing is a solitary occupation, and certainly it can be that way. However, I have been very fortunate to have come across some very talented and extraordinarily generous people who have helped me tremendously.

The following are my beta readers, editor, and critique partners who have given me so much of their time and expertise. I appreciate their honesty, patience, and close attention to detail. Without them, my novellas would not be readable.

My thanks go to everyone who have so kindly helped me along the way, because anything worth doing is worth doing together!


Naito Diamond (Writer, Super-Beta & Critique Partner)

Naito Diamond uses her writing to explore the conjunction of science and art. A scientific approach to magic systems places her work in the genre of sci-fi, yet the tenderness between her characters would make romance lovers swoon. Her stories are character-driven. Rather than following logical assumptions, her characters are ruled by emotions, giving her stories a real-life vibe.

Be it post-apocalyptic or medieval setting, exoplanet or VR, the author is led by her flawed but adorable characters. Currently she is working on a story where the relationship between AI and his creator is fraught with regret, angst and betrayal. High emotional stakes in a world ruled by logic. In a rapidly-changing world where humans and AI must co-exist, the author asks pertinent, perhaps even urgent, questions that cry out for answers.


Erica Damon (Writer, Super-Beta & Critique Partner)

Erica Damon is a writer, equestrian, and artist living in Western Massachusetts. Her compulsively creative nature has led to a collection of ‘what ifs?’ , and that sense of wonder weaves its way into her fiction. She writes thriller and horror under her name and equestrian romance under the pen name, Isla Ryder. In both genres, her deeply developed characters may or may not always be like-able, and endings are open to interpretation—where the reader must engage with the story. Her goal is always to sweep the reader into her world, keeping it grounded enough in reality that you don't question a moment of the action. This is what she loves helping other authors with, as she has discovered that she enjoys reading books in the beta stage even more than published ones. If she’s not writing, she’s likely out riding horses while ideas swirl in the background.

Jenna Bygall (Editor/Beta-Reader)

Jenna Bygall is a beta reader and editor working mainly with sci-fi, fantasy, and romance manuscripts. Her childhood love of reading inspired her change in career after she left D.C. and she now spends her days doing what she loves in Rochester, N.Y. She’s combined her undergraduate studies with her experience as a reader to provide informed, intersectional edits on a wide range of genres. She prides herself on her keen eye for detail and fascination with all things Fae.


Jenna has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, International Studies, and Women & Gender Studies. She is currently enrolled at UC San Diego for a Certification in Copyediting. She hopes to continue her career in editing and delve into fiction writing herself someday soon.




Alicia Chapin (Author/Equestrian Expert/Beta-Reader)

Alicia has been writing ever since she learned how. She can remember creating fictional stories as young as elementary school (specifically one about the many adventures of a "Queen Alicia" and her nameless husband, "The King"). She grew up loving the outdoors, reading, writing, and riding horses—and not much has changed! Today, she enjoys reading, spending time with her family (and pets!), hanging out with horses, and archery.

She has a Certificate in Horse Management from Michigan State University and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. She loves to incorporate her love of horses into her stories. Currently, she is writing Pinnacle of Magic, Volume II.

Rebecca Fuentes (Artist/Author/Beta-Reader)

Rebecca Fuentes is a lifetime fan of fantasy, sci-fi, and romance who began writing and drawing in elementary school. She writes character-driven high fantasy focusing on female protagonists in fantastic settings inspired by the great empires of history. Much of her art is inspired by her own writing, RPG characters, and the requests and commissions of other writers and friends. She works in Copic marker and colored pencil.

Rebecca has a degree in education and taught English for nine years. She enjoys researching anthropology, archeology, and history in between the exciting responsibilities of being a stay-at-home mom of six. She and her family live in the rural Rocky Mountains with two dogs and two cats.


Since I'm a writer first and a composer a distant second, I rely completely on other musicians to bring my music to life. The inspiration comes from characters in my stories, the lyrics and melodies come through me, but the songs are brought to life by some incredibly talented musicians who have taught me a lot about the art and science of transforming the tunes in my head into something beautiful.

My heartfelt thanks go to the following musicians, all of whom have helped to bring my music to life in the best possible ways.


Kastorius Ergi (Pianist)

I am a full-time musician and a music teacher, with a degree in music education. I have many years of experience playing classical piano and 6 years of experience teaching music and piano. I have 6 years of studio experience in recording and music production. I enjoy composing and arranging music in all genres, and have collaborated with many other musicians from all over the world.


Arno Hiquiana (Tenor)

I really like to sing. I have been in a Multi-Awarded Choir for 6 years in the Philippines. I like to create music accompaniment, encode music score, composition, and make song covers. I remade the instrumentation of the University of Mindanao Victory March and Loyalty March and they play it during graduations. I also made some accompaniments for some schools for their Alma Mater Songs. I really love music and I have been singing since I was 7 years old.


Denise Gonzales (Alto)

I'm a college student in love with music! I'm a very sincere, raw singer and always want it to show in everything I work on. I am a trained vocalist of over 6 years and love sharing my talent and love through music. I have experience in onstage & competition performances and choir/a capella, have won awards in various singing competitions, and have guested as a frontliner for famous Filipino celebrities.

I sing the following genres: Pop, Disney/Broadway, R&B, EDM, Indie, Jazz, and OPM. My idols include Bruno Mars, Adele, Lea Salonga, H.E.R., Mariah, and Lady Gaga. I'm known for having a passionate clarity of voice.


Anderson Daniel (Tenor)

I am a full time singer, performer and music arranger with years of experience performing/arranging all around the world. I have performed in many pop/rock theatre shows, performed my own a cappella arrangement on Broadway and even sang in an award-winning a cappella group in Moscow in 2019.






Shauna Alderson (Mezzo)

I create Mystical Teen Fic and Music. I love to write fantasy stories and compose piano, instrumental, and lyrical songs, all with a hint of magic. When not writing or composing, I create art, watch Studio Ghibli films, and occasionally volunteer abroad.


Volodymyr Kotliarov (Cellist)

Volodymyr Kotliarov is a professional cellist from Ukraine. He has been playing cello for over 28 years and can master any genre – classical, rock, pop, blues or soul. He can play from sheet music or improvise, compose a melody, accompaniment, rock riffs, etc. He has performed in symphonic and chamber orchestras, rock bands, and with famous Ukrainian singers as an invited guest. He has held concerts in Poland, Germany and Hungary and Slovakia.

He's also a founding member of the instrumental rock-band ROCKOKO. In 2020, the band released their first album. Volodymyr has collaborated with singers and bands from all over the world, including Norway, Italy, Canada, UK and the USA.


Obadias Guerra (Harpist)

I am a professional classical harpist with more than twenty years of experience.
I perform in the Falcón Symphony and in the Rafael Urdaneta Symphony as harp leader (Venezuela). I have also participated in international tours such as the Bergamo festival. I am also a harp and cello teacher in the Venezuelan children's and youth orchestras system (EL SISTEMA). I have more than 15 years of experience as an instrumentalist, arranger, teacher and composer.

I won a Grammy for my participation in the recording of the concert "A common night without current" by VOZ VEIS (November 2010).

Joylin (Violinist)

I've been playing violin for 19 years now and I have more than 7 years experience in studio matters, live shows, music production, mixing and international artists collabs.

Combined songs that I've worked on have more than 150 million views on Youtube.

I can easily adapt on ANY MUSIC GENRE (pop, trap, lounge, soul, dance, house, tech, rock, DNB, dubstep, hip hop, latino, country, soul, jazz).


Julia Bogdanova (Flautist)

Julia is a talented flautist from Ukraine. She graduated with a Bachelor of flute and has over 30 years’ experience of playing and performing. She took part in competitions and festivals as a soloist and as a member of ensembles and orchestras. Julia is the Laureate of the international festival contest, Spiritual Music (Bulgaria), received an award for high musical professionalism from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and was Laureate of the Festival of Folk Music and Dance (Italy).

She is a professional flute teacher in Lviv Music boarding school in Ukraine and Montessori British Music School. She was a soloist of Rivne Philharmonic Orchestra and a soloist in Lviv Organ Hall. For the past 4 years, Julia has been a regular performer as part of a flute/piano duo in Dubai, UAE and Rixos, Truskavets, Ukraine.

Erwen Studio (Erhu Artist)

I'm a music producer from Malaysia, I'm an enthusiast who loves to produce any genre of music, exploring various techniques in each genre and knowing what makes them unique and interesting. I have 6 years of experience in audio engineering and have produced various genres of music such as EDM, rock, metal, video game soundtracks, podcast intro, and Fusion Music. I’m also a multi-disciplinary instrumentalist and content creator. My music background is in the Chinese orchestra. My major instrument is Erhu, Guzheng, and all the string family. I have 5 years of experience as a Chinese orchestra conductor. I have a great passion for Erhu (Chinese Violin), where I create cover songs for trending music including K-pop, Mandopop, English pop. This creates a great contrast to where traditional playing and impression evolve into current pop culture.