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ABOUT Fantasy Romance - Of Myth & Magick

Fantasy Romance - Poems of Myth & Magick is a collection of poems and songs that hark back to myths, legends, folklore and fairytales for all ages, meant to transport you to otherworlds.

Peopled with fantasy characters as well as ordinary people caught up in extraordinary circumstances, it shows you how thin the veil really is between the real world and the world of magick.

Included in this collection are original songs written to accompany the Lake Traveler Series.

I've included several of the poems below, including The Angel of Doom, which seems to be a favourite among my readers. I've also included lyrics to the songs Adieu, Forgotten, and Feel The Rain (aka Skylar's Song).

I'm delighted that several of my poems are being scored by the young and super talented Lithuanian musician Guste Galuskinaite. Two of them - A Frosty Morning and Dance in a Dream - are at the bottom of this page and on pinterest.


Cassia Hall

author, poet, composer

- The veil is thinnest when the need is greatest. -

Fantasy Romance - Of Myth & Magick

Poems from my poetry collection

The Angel of Doom


Yesternight I stood among the trees

In the silent Valley of Pending Death,

While snow drifted down without a sound

And the very air seemed to hold its breath.


There was moonlight, there was starlight,

There was I in my lilac gown;

There was the Angel of Doom, clad in black

To match his plumage and his frown.


Moonlight shone through twisted branches

Spiralling off bleak and barren trees;

Thro’ slippered feet, the cold seeped

Towards my heart by degrees.


In his sable gown fine-embroidered,

Silver-tasselled — silken, spidery fire,

The Angel of Doom knit his dark brows

And gazed upon me with desire.


He gripped my arms, he stared me down,

He bade me stay forevermore.

His grip now icy, now scalding, 

His glittering eyes his passion wore.


The wind picked up, the full moon shone,

His plumaged crown flared in a sudden draft;

He spread his wings of feathered ebony;

In the distance, the cruel Fates laughed.


My tresses loosed, uncoiled behind me,

Undulating waves upon a distant shore.

Ah! Methinks I have tarried too long in this valley,

And the Angel of Doom hath me in thrall.



(from Silvershadow)


O familiar stranger, following me with your eyes

Have we met before now in some another time?

I do not remember you

Yet somehow I do

Do we know one another from some forgotten time?


Your gaze most searing

Stirs some memory within my heart

What is it you’re trying

Without words to impart?


Did we say forgotten words?

Did we sing forgotten songs?

Were we pledged to one another?

With you I once belonged?


I may not remember

Yet your touch wakes a fire

Deep within my soul

I may not remember

But my heart it already knows


Did we spend forgotten time

Together in some forgotten world?

Come closer, remind me

Show me what I already know.

Of Myth & Magick


Of myth and magick

In diaphanous light

She pauses to muse

With a Higher Sight


Air and water

Gathering twilight

The stars and the moon

Their light unite


Skirts billowing

Gossamer light

Lapping water

Grant deep insight


From womb to world

Tethered, floating light

All needs are met

All senses delight


Moonlight, starlight

The aching beauty

Of a twilit night -

Our fate invites

Our passions ignite

This night incites

Our lives to re-write.

To All Bashful Poets…

(from Silvershadow)


A story well told

A song well sung

A well-phrased ode

Like a bell half-rung

Seeks yet a well-tuned ear

And a heart that can hear

For a well-turned phrase

Will draw an echo

Only when it seizes apace

A kindred soul.


So hide not your jewels, your silver and gold

Dust off your verses, your stories untold

Your audience awaits, unknowing, unknown

For the love of story, a seed must be sown.


Woo them with beauty, woo them with song

Woo them with fire, hasten them along

To your parlour of plenty where magick holds sway

To your dominion of story where once they may stray.


Cast spells of rhythm, cast spells of rhyme

Your tunes otherworldly, your verse most sublime

Hold them rapt, with fire in your words

Hold them captive with that left unheard.

Continue apace with your craft and your skill

Hone them well, then burnish them still

But wait not for perfection that may not exist

That stumper of many, that will-o’-the-wisp.


Set free your creations for others to hear

Let kindred spirits find you, by Spirit and by ear

For though your Song may soar like a bird in flight

Without a listener, all fades at first light

Though the Songbird may sing tunes most sublime

Without a listener, music fades with time.


(from Silvermist)


Sojourner, eyes of shining silver,

Claim this heart you woo'ed and won.

Too soon you crossed the silver river

Leaving me bereft, undone.


A hand of years and then some more,

I waited and pined for you.

The bloom on my cheeks soon faded,

The gold of my hair now silver hue’d,


Too late, alas, you returned at last,

Seeming the youth first I saw,

When half a century has slowly passed,

And the sapling we planted now stood tall.


Different lands and different worlds —

Mis-reckoning of time and place,

Your oath forsworn, your mind awhirl,

Traveler, be not amazed!


A lake of tears…

…through many a year;

Oath-breaker, forsaker…




Feel The Rain/ Skylar's Song

(from Silvershadow)


I may not see what others see

but I’ll catch what others miss

I can smell the rain

I can feel your pain

I can wake you with a kiss


In spring when showers come

In summer’s shade and sun

I will pace along beside you

Share your battles lost and won


Hark, the bluebirds sing

Come another spring

Will you bide a while beside me

Share my sorrows and my pain?


In my songs and in my verse

Messages grave and terse

Hidden full in plain sight

All my love and all my light


The promise in my heart

We’ll ne’er be torn apart

In my arm, held safe and close

You will come to no harm


For the scent of you in the air

I will fight both foul and fair

Search for me, find the key

Look for me what I can’t see


Hark, the bluebirds sing

Come another spring

Let the rain wash away

All our sorrows, all our pain


Hark, the bluebirds sing

Come another spring

Let it rain, feel the rain

Once again!

Barefoot In The Snow

(from Silvershadow)


They call me The Gilded Lily

I’m known far and wide

Accomplished in the Noble Arts

And much more beside

(She can shoot and she can ride)


My ballads are highly valued

My paintings highly prized

If you wish your likeness captured

Be prepared to wait in line

(Your gems and gold will do just fine)


Some say the faeries blessed me

At the hour of my birth

But talents come at a price

So I need to prove my worth


The music leads and I follow

The bust lives within the marble

The canvas knows where the paint must go

And that’s how the lyrics flow


Came a familiar stranger

Tumbling off wyvern’s wing

Bringing song and laughter

Life and the scent of rain


Stripped of all known colours

He caught me in morning’s glow

Earth between my fingers

Barefoot in the snow


His tone was light, his gaze so deep

He backed away, he let me lead

Held nothing back except his touch

As if we both had time enough


His task to find each person’s song

That to each of us all along belong

Courage to be who we’re meant to be

Faith to know we’re strong and free  


Stripped of the masks I’ve had to wear

Who am I in the twilight’s glow?

Earth between my fingers

Barefoot in the snow.

Check out the music here:


A Frosty Morning

(music by Guste Galuskinaite)

Morning frost upon the pane

Stormy thoughts conceived in vain

Gentle snow falls upon the lane

Soft and smooth, while silence reigns


Limns the leaves upon the tree

Rims the hedges upon the lea

Lonely boat moored at the quay

Upon the edge of the frozen sea


Silence reigns, the boat marooned

As if love can be cocooned

Stranded as a lover’s tune

Heard by none except the moon


Upon the edge of time and space

Floundering in another place

Are we all somehow misplaced?

Will grace erase a last embrace?


Stranded all in place and time

Not for reason, not for rhyme

Shall we mime or seek what’s prime--

Fire and frost, Love’s paradigm?


Check out the music here:


The Candle Tree

(from Silvershadow)


When leaves of autumn flame and fall

When winds grow strong and drifts grow tall

The candle tree stands proud and tall

Its many flames refuse to fall


The orange red like licking flames

The amber-gold much-prized in the game


For some they like to shoot at dusk

To dim the light of the candle-tree

I’m not saying who would do such a thing

But if I were to play, I’d win at that game


One day my prince will come

He may not seem a prince to some

He’ll be tall and strong, brave and kind

He’ll know right from wrong

He’ll speak his mind


He’ll tell me what I need to know

Like when to shoot, and when to say no

He’ll truly listen, he’ll truly speak

He’ll not disappear when I need him most


Together we’ll ride o’er the emerald sea

And taste the honey from honey-bees

And together we’ll stop the other children

From shooting the flames off the candle-tree


We’ll ride until we can ride no more

So tired we fall to the emerald floor

He’ll tuck me in with a blanket of stars

We’ll fall asleep wherever we are

Together we’ll be happy as can be

And the flames will keep shining on the candle tree.

Check out the music here: