Cassia Hall, Fantasy Romance

The Seasons Cycle

Spring Song - Summer Lights - Fall Lanterns - Winter Wain

Can Love Transcend Time, Space & Worlds?

Raised as a noble scion, Heinregard comes to the House of Silveria for their famous Spring Song festival, but when he hears the voice of stable lad Clayten, he's overthrown in more ways than one. As they spend time together overseeing Heinregard’s troublesome younger cousins, the two grow close.

Is Heinregard prepared to risk everything for someone of a different station?

As the Dowager Duchess’ daughter, Viraya is safely past marriageable age and responsible for Spring Song celebrations. This year, their guests include a formidable Capitán who has the gall to set his cap at her.

Will Viraya be able to resist the attentions of this strangely familiar Capitán, keep the children away from her precious blossoms, and ensure a good showing for Spring Song?

Spring Song may be over, but Midsummer celebrations at the House of Silveria come with unexpected challenges. A pair of sand kittens arrive with their handler, Fang, a desert nomad whose people are hounded and oppressed. Set on a secret mission, Fang must accomplish it by any means. At least, that was her plan until she meets Mara, the Stable Master whose scent has long haunted her dreams. Can Desert Warrior Fang accomplish her mission and still win the heart of the woman she desires?

The annual lake outing on Night of Lights is imminent and everyone is excited, until the Reclining Dragon arrives with his liegeman. With these two unwelcome visitors prowling all over the House and the children running wild, Heinregard and Clayten must somehow keep them apart.

Will the truth about the wildlings’ parentage be revealed or will they be able to keep the Reclining Dragon in the dark?

After an absence of two years, Heinregard and the wildlings return to the House of Silveria. Clay is delighted at Heinregard’s return, but soon gets into trouble when he catches the eye of a notorious ambassador.  Even if Clay manages to evade this unwanted attention, will Heinregard be allowed to take him on as liegeman?

Viraya is feeling more than a little flustered - the Capitán is back, but he’s brought along a young girl who refuses to let him out of her sight. Will they get to spend any time together before he has to leave again?

Crossing a line that should not be crossed, the wildlings manage to turn a staid ceremony - Lighting of the Fall Lanterns - into a dangerous one, bringing everyone to their knees in the most spectacular manner.

Will they be forever banned from the House?

Songs of Love & Longing

(includes poems and songs in the Seasons Cycle)

Poems of Myth & Magick, Songs of Love & Longing -

Lyrical Fantasy that goes straight to your heart

Songs of Love & Longing is a collection of fantasy-themed poems and songs, all inspired by fantasy art, beautiful music, and the stories and characters from my own imagination - the Lake Traveler high fantasy series and the spin-off romantic fantasy series, the Seasons Cycle.

In this new collection are poems and songs of love and longing, in strangely familiar language and a cadence meant to resonate with the magick already within you.

To give you, the reader, an immersive experience, QR codes have been embedded within the text so you will be able to listen to some of the songs as you read. We hope this adds to your enjoyment of this collection.

So sit back and relax, and allow my poems and songs to soothe and delight you, taking you to a world of lyrical fantasy, music and magick…