Cassia Hall, Fantasy Romance

The Lake Traveler Saga

The Lake Traveler Saga begins ten years after the events of the Seasons Cycle.

Silvermist and Silverleaf recount Jess Lochlen's adventures as a traveler for the Argentene.

The epic romantic high fantasy series will continue with Silverlight and conclude with Silvershadow.

Poems and songs relating to the Lake Traveler Saga can be found in the poetry collection: Fantasy Romance -Poems of Myth & Magick.

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 Silvermist (Lady of the Lakes)

 She understood only the importance of duty and the price of honour.

 He knew that devotion could transcend time, space, and worlds.

Jess Lochlen is on a double mission – to recover her captured infant cousin, and to determine if treachery is stalking the Rogrovian throne. With their divided loyalties to different princes, her cousins turn out to be more hindrance than help. So when a young fugitive attaches himself to her, she is not as quick to be rid of him as she might.


But as his feelings for her grow, and their journey across his homeland becomes a race against time – to save not just her cousin but an heir to the throne – can she trust him to be who he claims to be? For otherworldly creatures accosting them along the way are strangely wary of him. Will he turn out to be the support she desperately needs, or an error of judgment that will have disastrous consequences for the entire realm and beyond? 



 Silverleaf (The Reclining Dragon)


Fortune abides upon the Reclining Dragon,

but beware all who tread these parts

For the Lord may grant you wisdom,

but his man will steal your heart.

A passage gone terribly wrong causes Lake Traveler, Jess Lochlen, to be tossed out of Lake Silverleaf, right by Caerne Manor, the one place in Rogrovia she's not supposed to go. But when she finds out that the youngest prince has been sent there for safe-keeping, she has no choice but to beard the Reclining Dragon in his den.

But the Choosing of the Highest of High Priests is imminent and, for some reason, these villains are all converging upon the Manor.  How is she supposed to keep the heir to the throne safe when her cousin can no longer be trusted and the only person she could rely on appears to be undergoing some strange transformation that could spell disaster for them all?

Reviews for Silvermist

Magically Lyrical Prose

This story is truly a magical adventure of high fantasy and romance. Ms. Hall has an amazing grasp of language and a beautifully poetic voice! It’s reminiscent of an epic poem and Arthurian legends and takes you to another time and place full of myth and mystery with its magically lyrical prose and wonderful characters. Jess, the enigmatic and kick-ass female warrior, whisks you right along with her aspiring liegeman, Corryn, on a mysterious and magical journey that you won’t want to put aside until it all comes to light!

-- Alicia,


A powerful and inspiring tale, it’s easy to get lost in the pages of the epic world that the author has created in these pages. With plenty of suspense, romance, tragedy, hope, and betrayal, it’s easy to get lost in the lives of these characters. I loved how easily the character development occurred and how much different everyone was at the end of the story for all that had happened.

Especially Jess. She was both strong and compassionate, a character that was both easy to understand and root for. Her quick-wits and intelligence made her my favorite almost at once. It couldn’t be easy to manage all that she did, but she was strong from page one all the way to the end.

This is a strong opening to a series with a lot of potential. Fans of epic poems will definitely enjoy this roller coaster of a high fantasy book!

-- Kayla Krantz,

Beautifully written!

The prose the author uses in this story manages to be both eloquent and understandable to the average reader. This is one of the more sophisticated fantasies I’ve read, and I loved the incorporation of mythology in the high fantasy tale. Not only that, but you won’t be able to help but fall in love with the characters. 10/10 recommended to all fantasy lovers.

-- Nicole S.,

Classical mythological archetypes wrapped in fresh and original embroidery

Enthralling from the first page, Silvermist, the first installment in Cassia Hall's Lake Traveller series, paints a world the reader will long to visit. The natural character development is simply outstanding. It is a powerful and memorable story imbued with many elements of originality, and the reading experience is effortless. You live within every thought, word, and action of these characters, woven by the author using classical mythological archetypes wrapped in fresh and original embroidery.

The author's melodic and harmonious wordsmith ability to make this rich mix so accessible to readers is her crowning achievement. With its strong narrative, powerful imagery and winding, quest-by-quest structured plot, this blend of lyric and epic strength is certain to create worlds in the reader's mind, and I'd definitely recommend Lake Traveller series as a must-read for any fantasy fan.

-- Petr,

Praise for The Lake Traveler Series